Facebook #hashtags–Just a waste of space?

Facebook #hashtags

Facebook #hashtags appear to be having no impact With all the hype, chat, blog posts and about every other means the introduction of #hashtags to Facebook seemed like the next big innovation to be let loose on the news feed. But, recent research conducted by Edgerank Checker pours cold water on the benefits and probably makes disappointing reading for the … Continue reading

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SEO – The shifting sands of optimisation

SearchMetrics Ranking Factors

What’s important for Search now! Nothing in life is static! And, SEO (search engine optimisation) is not exempt so why do we expect it not to change and continually complain when it does? SEO Ranking Factors – how they correlate to search visibility Search engines use algorithms to evaluate websites by topic and for relevance to the term searched and … Continue reading

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Finding the UnGoogleable in Mobile Search

New Search on Mobile

How Google Plans to Find the UnGoogleable Google wants to improve its mobile search services by automatically delivering information you haven’t been searching for online. Google delivers billions of searches for billions of people each and every day—for all kinds of things—but it would appear we still look in other directions and locations for certain types of information, and Google … Continue reading

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Amazon continues testing for the perfect Shopping Cart!

Amazon Shopping Cart Evolution

The continuing evolution of the Amazon shopping cart! Wrote a piece away back in 2009 titled If Amazon is so successful just copy them! The main point was that Amazon’s site had never really undergone a redesign as many do when trying to improve their ecommerce performance but has evolved through a process of testing and incremental change. In another … Continue reading

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Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You, Unless It’s Really Spammy

White Hat, Black Hat, No Hat, Crap Hat

Google’s Spam Buster, Matt Cutts says: Don’t Stress About It! Duplicate content is a huge topic in the search engine optimization (SE) space, and a great deal of blog content/post has been devoted to the topic. But should we worry about duplicate content? Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said he wouldn’t stress about it – that is, unless … Continue reading

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Pinterest Beats Facebook & Twitter on Ecommerce Content Sharing [Study]

Best time to post to Social Media

Retailer sharing is Pinterest’s game now! The social network provided the most shares in the ecommerce category with 41 percent, compared to 37 percent for Facebook and 17 percent for Twitter. Pinterest is also strong among travel and hospitality sites, following behind Facebook’s 58 percent. Link: Pinterest Bests Facebook on Ecommerce Content Sharing [Study] via searchenginewatch.com But, what to post … Continue reading

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